Sources of e-Durable presentations.
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Add 2022-Q3 presentation.
1 year ago
2021-02-15-introduction-linux Add February introduction to Linux presentation. 2 years ago
2021-03-01-recycledcloud-intro RC intro - minor changes (compressing text, fixing typos) 3 years ago
2021-05-17-ipv6 Add IPv6 presentation. 2 years ago
2021-06-07-recycledcloud-vm Add VM creation ligthning talk. 2 years ago
2021-06-28-recycledcloud-presentation Add RC presentation at 1st quarterly. 2 years ago
2022-01-31-quarterly Add 2021-Q4 presentation 1 year ago
2022-08-11-quarterly Add 2022-Q3 presentation. 1 year ago Update README 2 years ago

e-Durable presentations

If a presentation is here, it was written by Timothée or by Joachim, probably. Our day-to-day presentation tools are:

  • LaTeX using the Beamer package
  • Markdown, using the Pandoc tool and presentation extensions, usually compiled to LaTeX+Beamer, but sometimes presentation JS
  • sent(1)-presented txt.